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Vuba Stone Explained


Vuba Stone Resin Bound Natural Stone Resurfacing

Vuba Stone is a revolutionary new patented resurfacing material produced in the UK. Since 2009, Vuba has been a pioneer in resin bound stone surfacing systems. Traditional surfaces like concrete and asphalt are prone to cracking, sinking, and chipping. Vuba Stone's flexible, yet durable characteristics make it a far superior surfacing material because it easily expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Besides the ability to withstand the elements, Vuba Stone has more to offer, which we explain below.

Improved Curb Appeal

With many color variations to choose from. Our natural, clean stone aggregates are the perfect size and shape for resurfacing. As a matter of fact, our stone aggregate standard exceeds industry standards and the finished results are absolutely amazing. The natural stone color doesn't detract from the surrounding landscape but instead adds depth and vibrance, creating a more natural look while giving you all the benefits of a state-of-the-art surfacing solution.

We invite you to view our gallery to see examples of Vuba Stone in action.

Slip-Resistant Surface

When it comes to slip resistance, Vuba Stone is an excellent choice. Get unparalleled traction where it matters. Pool decks, walkways, and stairs are safer when resurfaced with Vuba Stone. Whether it's wet or dry, you can confidently walk on a Vuba Stone surface knowing that each step will be secure and slip-free.

Vuba Stone offers the perfect combination of safety, style, and dependability. You don't have to compromise on aesthetics or worry about compromising your well-being. This resurfacing option allows us to create a visually appealing surface while simultaneously ensuring the utmost safety for yourself, your family, and anyone who steps foot on it.


We understand personalization is important and that's why we at Vuba Stone Hawaii work closely with home owners and business owners to create a customized surface that adds just the right touch of class to your outdoor space. From borders to patterns to colors, Vuba Stone can be manipulated to come up with the unique look you're after.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Covering a surface is an investment. Like all investments, you want to invest in something you can have confidence in. The best investments outperform the competition by leaps and bounds and that's just what Vuba Stone does.

With Vuba Stone, you'll pay a little more up front but your investment will go further. Unlike concrete, Vuba Stone is flexible. This prevents cracking. Concrete cracks over time because it is more rigid. When water gets into concrete cracks, it does further damage. Unattended, a concrete surface will eventually need to be replaced entirely. Vuba Stone allows you to avoid costly crack repairs.

Vuba Stone also offers longer periods in between resealing and easy cleaning maintenance. It is recommended that concrete be sealed every 3 years. With Vuba Stone, sealing is recommended every 4-5 years depending on sun exposure and traffic. The best part is, Vuba Stone was designed as a DIY product so you can reseal it yourself with a roller.